Hi Yesenia,
Just wanted to show you how lovely Jamie looked.  These are
a few pix taken by her current school principal.
Thanks again.

Hi yesenia,
Its almost been 3 months since my August 9 wedding but I wanted to email and tell you how amazing you did. I loved my  make-up so much. I will send you some pictures soon. 
I also wanted to know what color blush you used on my wedding day. I loved it and would like to get it.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
My makeup looked amazing and I can't wait to get the photos.   
Your presence and laughter was so calming...what a crazy day!!!  I felt so comfortable with you as we had been friends for years.  
I would love to hear how you think things went from your perspective.  The day was such a blurr for me.
Much love,